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Who we are

Touch of Love Outreach is a charitable organisation helping to support very poor families within Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire experiencing real hardship due to illness, disability, very low or no income, or going through extreme life challenges.  


What we do:

Tackling hunger: We support very poor Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire families experiencing real hardship and struggling with severe food insecurity by providing weekly 3-day food supplies while a longer-term solution is developed. Since 2020, we have distributed over 80,000 food items delivered through 6,000+ food parcels to support over 2,500 persons in need within Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.


We help anybody who needs our support; young, old, single people and families from all backgrounds, religious beliefs and ethnic origins, without prejudice.

There is no charge for our food supplies. We provide both warm meals and raw foods in our food parcels. Our weekly parcels do include but not limited to Bread, Milk, Eggs, Cheese, Potatoes, Cereal, Soup, Fresh Fruits, Several Tinned Soups.

Promote Positive Health & Wellbeing: We deliver community-based activities and programmes to help address the impact of distress and mental ill health caused by isolation and loneliness, as well as addressing the mental health inequalities exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic in order to get our Aberdeen community reconnected and revitalised.

TOL Youth Aberdeen:  We deliver community-based youth work through the support of young people aged 12+ within Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire to bring about positive change in their lives through impacting values and core principles including Inclusion, Self-determination, Empowerment, Collaboration and Learning. This is achieved through activities that create safe spaces for the young people to engage in conversations around anti-sectarian awareness-raising and action. Activities include sports events, arts, games and ice-breakers.

Tackling Domestic Abuse: We offer holistic support services to women and children affected by domestic violence to help rebuild their lives and alleviate the consequences of domestic abuse and criminal exploitation of these vulnerable persons.


Touch of Love International: From Food Bank Project, Educational Support, Poverty Alleviation to Domestic Abuse - we’re International. 

Touch of Love Outreach helps feed local Nigerians and Malawians experiencing real hardship by meeting their most basic need for food, education, and hospital expenses.

Our mission is to support very poor families within these two countries to build a better life and future.  


We focus on five main areas of work: Food Security, Income Generation, Poverty Alleviation, Health Emergency Response, and Education Support. 

We want to empower poor families to defeat poverty and injustice through our monetary interventions, food supplies, cash assistance. To help alleviate poverty in these families, we support these food-insecure families through monetary interventions, food supplies and cash assistance.  


We are increasing access to education programmes as we expand to slums, hard villages and underserved communities in Nigeria to find the best sustainable solution to provide education for children and young people from vulnerable and extreme poor families in order to break the cycle of transgenerational poverty. 

About us

No one Should go to Sleep Hungry

How we do it 

What we do

Charity Donations Help Support Giving Co


We've distributed 50,000 items of food and drinks to families in need to date

Young male volunteer in mask gives an el

We deliver food parcels weekly to an average of 50 families struggling with severe food insecurity.

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Our weekly Food parcels cater 3 days meals for each family. 


1 in 3 of our volunteers have struggled with severe food insecurity.

Chefs Discussing over Food

We're building a community with people experiencing severe hunger and poverty to access help, care, and love with no guilt or stigma.


Our volunteers drive all through Aberdeen delivering food parcels to families week on week.

Key milestones as at 31/03/2022

Sign up for a weekly Food Parcel 

Are you living in Aberdeen? Are you struggling with severe food insecurity due to financial, social, physical or mental challenges?


Are things difficult for you as a family or individual?  

Then this help is for you, we want you know that we are here for you, we want to help and we look forward to hearing from you. 

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